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Get away from the keyboard…and get together with your friends.

February 20-21, 2016


AFKCON is an annual convention intended to create and serve a sustainable community of passionate people who most often turn to the internet to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals in their area of interest. The motto “take your online life live!” encompasses our desire to reflect and facilitate the productive, supportive communities that have developed online.

Based on a “crowd con” model, AFKCON provides facilities and administration so that local professionals and fans can bring their interests to life under one roof. The focus of the convention is not a single area of interest but the larger community that can be developed when people come together to share their personal interests, projects, and expertise with each other. It’s our belief that everyone has something to offer and so we invite anyone involved with independent creative professions, fandoms, games, and more to propose and present their own panels and workshops and hope that they will, in turn, attend events held by other con-goers.

At present, and for the foreseeable future, AFKCON does not have paid “guests”. This allows us to divert whatever funds we may accumulate into expanding our community-building activities and facilitating AFKCON events year-round. Our goal, ultimately, is to have a vital, sustainable community of diverse people who leverage the knowledge and connections they gain at AFKCON to create more good things and bring positive change to the world. 


AFKCON is a small convention for friends (over 18) who love games, comics, movies, books, and more. Offering everything from panels to cosplay, we want to bring the experience of sharing what you love to life.

This year we'll be meeting in Guelph at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Centre!  

We're pioneering a new convention style called a CrowdCon. If you’d like to run an event, demonstration, game, or panel, just log in and check the Events page to sign up today!


AFKCON is being held at the Holiday Inn where we have large event rooms as well as smaller board and conference rooms. We'll be holding panels, board games, RPGs, critique circles, workshops, and demonstrations. The Holiday Inn is convenient to the highway and bus routes and allows access by car or foot to the Stone Road Mall, grocery shopping, restaurants and fast food outlets, and a pharmacy.