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    What's A CrowdCon?

AFKCon is pioneering a new style of convention, a crowd-sourced convention or "CrowdCon" for short. A CrowdCon exists at the intersection of two convention styles: the fan-convention and the un-convention. We take the topics, community and open nature of the fan convention and the uncertain build-it-as-you go chaos of an un-convention and blend them into an experience that bring the community together and lets everyone and anyone participate without any gate keeping or exclusivity.

How Do I Participate?

Our convention was created out of the desire to bring our online communities and friendships offline, but without sacrificing the open nature of the internet. Rather than a convention that's built around pre-planned events set topics with a complex process of getting things approved or scheduled, we ask the community to bring their events, topics and desires to us at the click of a button. We've built an automated system where ANYONE can sign up and suggest events for themselves or others to run, offer to run or help out with other suggested events, or just plan out a weekend as an observer.

Just log in with your social media account or register via your email address then check out the schedule page for all the automated functionality.

When Do You Stop Accepting Panels?

Oh that's easy: when AFKCon is over and BARCon starts! The schedule will be up on a big board beside registration all weekend and con-goers are encouraged to run impromptu anything. Just run your idea by the staff at the reg desk, and we'll get it added ASAP when/where you see an open spot you want it to run.

Wait, you said you Don't Gate keep!

Ok, full disclosure: We have a single gate keeping mechanism, and that's simple review capabilities of the con's organizers to insure that none of the events suggested or running are proposing anything illegal or that violates our con policy. Other than that, everything is open season!